Fund description

The Low Carbon Core Infrastructure Fund (LCCIF) invests in companies that own or operate core infrastructure such as water and electricity utilities, railways, toll-roads and communication towers.

In this webinar Ursula Tonkin, Head of Listed Strategies and portfolio manager of the PATRIZIA Low Carbon Core Infrastructure Fund ("LCCIF") provides an update and review of the portfolio in the current macro economic context of rising yields, and how the Fund has consistently delivered solid returns and sustainable, inflation-linked cash yield over the past seven years.

Combined Shape

Stocks held

30 to 50


  • Regulated utilities
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Renewable energy infrastructure


Core infrastructure, quality


Global developed markets

Target Return

OECD CPI + 5%p.a. over 5 years

Fund Structure

UCITS compliant, Irish Collective Asset Management Vehicle (ICAV)



Fund Registrations

UK, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden

Inception Day


Unit ClassEUR Unhedged, EUR Hedged, GBP Unhedged, GBP Hedged, USD Unhedged

A portfolio of publicly listed, high quality and sustainable infrastructure assets 

The Low Carbon Core Infrastructure Fund is an open-ended fund that holds a global portfolio of 30 to 50 publicly traded core infrastructure companies in developed markets. The fund is designed to provide a defensive equity exposure, with in-built inflation protection and a stable cash yield. This is achieved by investing in long-lived assets that provide essential services with highly regulated or long term contracted revenues, such as water utilities, electricity grids, railways, toll roads, airports and communication infrastructure assets. The fund invests in assets compatible with a maximum 2◦C warming pathway and zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Global core infrastructure stocks

Attractive return profile

Access to low carbon infrastructure

Diversified and low risk portfolio with downside protection

Daily liquid UCITS

Solvency II compliance

Inflation protection

Key Facts


The Opportunity

  • Income yield. core infrastructure assets generate inflation protected revenues and consistent dividends
  • Core infrastructure. A true long-term time horizon, and a strict focus on core infrastructure assets leads to lower volatility and resilience to economic cycles compared to global shares
  • Sustainability strategy. Compatible with net zero emissions and maximum 2°C warming pathways. LCCIF has significant exposure to the growth in renewable energy and decarbonisation, and long-term sustainability is critical to stock selection
  • Investment expertise. PATRIZIA has over 50 dedicated infrastructure investment professionals with extensive experience across private infrastructure equity, listed infrastructure equity and infrastructure debt


  • The economic success of the fund cannot be guaranteed. The value of an investment and any income from it can go down as well as up and can fluctuate in response to changes in currency and exchange rates. Investors may not get back the original amount invested
  • An investment entails infrastructure-specific risks (e.g. operating business risks, management risks, market development and liquidity, environmental damage, and extreme weather and climate change impacts), as well as legal and tax imponderables


Data as at 30 June 2023.

Quarterly updates


Infrastructure, Sustainability and SFDR

In this webinar Ursula Tonkin, Head of Listed Strategies at PATRIZIA Infrastructure and LCCIF Portfolio Manager and Jane Baseby, Director, Infrastructure Sustainability, delve into the nuances of SFDR, EU Taxonomy, and Sustainable Development Goal reporting and share their perspective on how these reporting frameworks align with key risks and identify the metrics that they believe hold significant importance.

Combined Shape



Webinar Q3 2023

Webinar Q2 2023

Webinar April

Webinar Q2 2022: Inflation Protection

Webinar Q3 2022: Avoid Greenwashing

Share classes

Valuation Date Share Class Description Share Class Currency NAV (Local) Percentage Change (Local) ISIN Code
22/02/2024 Class A EUR Accumulation (Unhedged) EUR 149.30 -0.37% IE00BYZKHC37
22/02/2024 Class A EUR Income (Hedged) EUR 116.27 -0.36% IE00BYZKHD44
22/02/2024 Class A GBP Accumulation (Unhedged) GBP 116.20 -0.54% IE00BJSB2R88
22/02/2024 Class A USD Income (Unhedged) USD 137.63 -0.32% IE00BYYW3445
22/02/2024 Class R EUR Accumulation (Unhedged) EUR 116.70 -0.37% IE00BJSB2902
22/02/2024 Class A EUR Accumulation (Hedged) EUR 123.35 -0.36% IE00BJSB2B29
22/02/2024 Class N GBP Accumulation (Unhedged) GBP 97.05 -0.54% IE0005K5RPY3
22/02/2024 Class B EUR Income (Unhedged) EUR 100.90 -0.37% IE000X0ZG6X4

* Closed to new investors.

Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)

Share ClassDownload PDF
Class A EUR Accumulation (Hedged)*EN  FR  NL
Class A EUR Accumulation (Unhedged)* DE  EN  FR  IS  IT  NL  NO  SV
Class A EUR Income (Hedged)*DE  EN  FR   IS   IT  NL  NO  SV
Class A GBP Accumulation (Unhedged)*EN
Class A GBP Income (Hedged)*EN
Class A GBP Income (Unhedged)* EN  
Class A Income USD (Unhedged)*DE  EN  FR  IS  IT  NL  NO  SV
Class B EUR Accumulation (Hedged)EN
Class B EUR Accumulation (Unhedged)EN  
Class B EUR Income (Hedged)EN  
Class B EUR Income (Unhedged)EN  
Class B GBP Accumulation (Hedged)EN  
Class B GBP Accumulation (Unhedged)EN  

* Closed to new investors.


Sustainability approach

Low Carbon Emission

The Fund has a carbon intensity 60% - 80% lower than listed infrastructure indices.

  • • Compatible with a net zero emissions pathway, set at well-below 2 degrees warming.
  • • Access the growth potential of the energy transition 
  • • Avoid stranded asset risk

ESG Research

The Fund conducts “norm-based” analysis.

Screening covers:

  • • Environmental protection
  • • Human rights
  • • Labour standards
  • • Anti-corruption

Active Investor

PATRIZIA actively engages with investee companies on sustainability issues PATRIZIA votes all proxies.
All resolutions assessed through an ESG lens.
Participant in the PRI and ISS collaborative engagement platforms.

Fund Documents

If you are interested in making an investment, kindly direct all relevant information to the designated recipient as outlined in the documents. Regrettably, we are unable to handle investment inquiries directly. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter are greatly appreciated.


Risk factors

Investors should read and consider Appendix III to the Prospectus and the Supplementary PDS (entitled "Risk Factors") before investing in the Fund as well as the risks set out herein. The risks described here and in the Prospectus and Supplement should not be considered to be an exhaustive list of the risks which potential investors should consider before investing in the Fund. Potential investors should be aware that an investment in the Fund may be exposed to other risks from time to time.

General Market Risk

  • The Fund invests in publicly listed securities, and is suitable for investors who are prepared to accept a high level of volatility. As the price of shares in the Fund may fall as well as rise, the Fund shall not be a suitable investment for an investor who cannot sustain a loss on their investment.

Concentration Risk

  • As the majority of the Fund’s holdings will be listed securities in the core infrastructure sector, it is subject to greater concentration risk, and may be subject to greater volatility, than a more diversified fund.

Sustainability Risks - Assessment of the Impact on Likely Returns

  • In applying the Sustainability Policy to investments and in integrating Sustainability Risks in the investment decision making process, the Fund may forgo opportunities to gain exposure to certain companies, industries and sectors. Accordingly, the universe of investments of the Fund may be smaller than that of other funds and therefore the Fund may underperform the market as a whole if such investments underperform the market.

Risks Associated with Infrastructure Investments

  • Relative to other sectors, infrastructure and utility sector stocks are subject to additional risks which may negatively impact investor returns.  Some of these risks are: ccredit and interest rate risk; climate transition risk and physical risk, environmental and other land use risks; regulatory risk; and, the risk of political action, industrial action, and terrorist acts.

Risks associated with Forward Currency Contracts

  • Forward currency contracts involve the possibility that the market for them may be limited with respect to certain currencies and, upon a contract’s maturity, the possible inability to negotiate with the dealer to enter into an offsetting transaction. 

Foreign Taxation

  • With respect to certain countries, there is a possibility of expropriation, confiscatory taxation, imposition of withholding or other taxes on dividends, interest, capital gains or other income, limitations on the removal of cash or other assets of the Fund, political or social instability or diplomatic developments that could affect investments in those countries.

Our team

Graham Matthews

CEO Infrastructure

Ursula Tonkin

Head of Infrastructure Listed Strategies

Saji Anantakrishnan

Head of Infrastructure, Australia and Asia

Justin Webb

Managing Director Infrastructure Investment Solutions

Tayo Werkhoven

Associate Director Investment Planning & Reporting

Ayaz Memon

Senior Associate Infrastructure Listed Strategies

Jesse Wylde-Browne

Associate Infrastructure Listed Strategies

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Augsburg, Germany

Konrad Finkenzeller

Head of Global Client Solutions


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Information as at 30 June 2023 unless specified otherwise. Investing in the fund involves risks, including the risk that you may receive little or no return on your investment or that you may lose part or even all of your investment.

1) Portfolio allocation as at 30 June 2023.